Sonjara, Inc

Based in Falls Church, VA, Sonjara, a Women Owned Small Business, has 14 years’ experience offering evaluations, technology consulting, and rapid web and mobile app development to the foreign assistance community. Sonjara is an active partner in the promotion of the Digital Principles of Development, especially around open data.

Sonjara specializes in appropriate, impactful, innovative, and sustainable technological solutions that fit within the right context to foster the achievement of successful outcomes.  We are agile, innovative, and targeted, with a deep knowledge of USAID, the development community, and international development theory and practice in several sectors. Sonjara has a strong portfolio supporting clients such as USAID, UNESCO, the State Department, Georgetown University, AT&T, and the World Bank.

Business Type
Small Business, Woman-Owned
Science, Technology and Innovation
Key Services
Knowledge Management, Information and Communications Technology (ICT4D), Web Application Development, Mobile Development, Monitoring and Evaluation
Cameroon, Egypt, Jordan, Mongolia, Thailand, Uganda, Yemen
Corporate Capabilities
Contract Vehicles: