The Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC) is a membership forum established to promote the meaningful utilization of small business in international development. Members are small companies in good standing with a solid track record of providing services to USAID and other federal agencies around the world.

SBAIC currently has 167 members, of which more than half are small disadvantaged businesses. Our members work in every development sector, including conflict zones and other high-profile, complex settings. With an average of 15 years of USAID experience, our members are prime contractors on 80 percent of the work we implement, and many of the contracts are equivalent in size and complexity to those held by larger entities. Contracts range from $100,000 to $42 million, and they are managed using USAID compliant financial and program management systems. Staffed by development entrepreneurs, former USAID staff and large business executives, small businesses combine seasoned oversight with the agility and innovation characteristic of smaller organizations.

SBAIC Leadership

SBAIC is led by Chairperson Betsy Bassan of Panagora Group, Vice Chairperson Carlos Rivera of Vysnova, Secretary Siobhan Green of Sonjara, and Treasurer Carol Yee of Kanava.

SBAIC Committee Members 

Communication Committee

Carla Briceno of Bixal, Chris Seek of Solimar International, and Jasmine Gould of Strategic Consulting Partners

Outreach Committee

Steve Schmida of SSG Advisors and Brian Hannon of Millenium Partners

Membership Committee

Janel Hoppes Poche of Juarez and Associates and Elvira Beracochea of Realizing Global Health

Procurement Committee

Kevin Murphy of J.A. Austin Associates and Tijana Dabic of Making Cents International